We hate EDM

Joshua Bote/File

Unfortunately, we at the Clog have to collectively take responsibility for the radical views of one of our members, who is not allowed to use first-person singular and believes that electronic dance music, or EDM, is worse than Ebola. This music, which could more appropriately be described as the diegetic sound of a robot porno, has castrated the galvanizing essence of live music and has tattooed our generation with a technicolor identity, inevitably linking us to the phenomenon of flitting around in fields, getting high and selling our souls, all to the bleeps and blips of our electronic anthems.
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Reasons we’ll miss summer

The new semester is almost upon us, and it will soon be time to cut off your festival wristbands and spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks that you probably won’t even look at. Although there are a few reasons we’re excited for school to start, let’s take a look and
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