Photo of Nicholas Clark

Freeing Britney and me


The second a gay man wears a dress, the universe explodes. So instead, queer men often focus our energy on these pop divas — the only acceptable way to express our femininity.
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This Is A Music Podcast S01E04: Anthems for the People

Co-hosts Crew and Vincent investigate the songs of generations past, present and future, looking to figure out what insights music can provide into the psyche of a cultural era. They talk about “WAP,” Don McLean, and Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Red, sharing personal stories of anthemic experience along the way.

Photo of Winn Hartford and Ria Vora

Pandemic Pastimes

From gardening to baking bread, quarantine has left folks with ample time to pick up hobbies. College students have been no exception. Here’s a look at two students — a 3D-printing guru and an aspiring Bay Area rapper — and the pastimes they’ve developed since the onset of the pandemic.
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