Websites that are less ratchet than CalCentral

Oh, CalCentral. Where do we begin? With class registration looming upon us, we at the Clog thought we might reflect on the university’s most ratchet website to date. We know, you’re already aware that it looks like a third grader made it. Its interface is hardly user-friendly, and it’s just
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Look Back At It

For years my mother would not allow me to make myself a social media profile. “You’re you in real life!” she said. “Why do you need to be you online, too?” Her reasoning was not entirely wrong. It also was not entirely convincing. In the eighth grade, I splashed into
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But you looked different on Facebook …

Imperfectly Perfect

This article has since been retracted due to an instance of self-plagiarism. We are currently investigating how this occurred and will publish an editor’s note in regard to the situation.
The Daily Californian does not tolerate plagiarism or self-plagiarism in any form and holds itself to the highest standards of journalistic integrity.
If you have any questions or concerns please email me at [email protected]
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Life in the Matrix

When I applied to be a Daily Cal columnist, I figured I should pick a topic that was relevant to the student body and about which I could, you know, say a thing or two. So after a moment’s deliberation it was clear: write about the Internet. I’m a member
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