UC Berkeley student receives public service scholarship to increase student voting

Natanya Faitelson/Courtesy
Campus senior Miyako Iwata has been awarded a $15,000 scholarship by the Donald A. Strauss Scholarship Foundation, which strives to help college students develop an interest in and carry out public service.

Although the Big Game may be postponed this year, it is not too late to show UC Berkeley school spirit at the ballot box, according to Miyako Iwata, campus senior and recent recipient of the Donald A. Strauss Public Service Scholarship.
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COVID-19 affects census participation among college students

Adding to the list of events upended by COVID-19, colloquially known as the coronavirus, is participation in the 2020 census — particularly among college students. Efforts by city officials and ASUC personnel to encourage students to fill out the survey have largely been derailed.
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