White House approves California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wildfire relief request

Wildfire Northern California
USDA Forest Service/Creative Commons
Lightning strikes in the past week have ignited about 600 wildfires in California, two of which are among the largest fires in history.

In an effort to ease the recent wildfire spread in Northern California, the White House approved California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s request Aug. 22 for a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration, which will aid the state’s response to wildfires and support afflicted residents.
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Mini-trip ideas to get away from Berkeley

It’s that point in the semester. We all feel it. With the weariness of midterms dragging on and the grunge of Berkeley seeping into your soul, you start to question if you can really carry on like this for another two months. But no worries, there’s a cure. We at the
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Carpe il Vino

“Definite hints of cherry,” I say in my best I-went-to-Yale-and-this-wine-is-worth-$200 voice, swirling the burgundy liquid around and around in the thinly stemmed glass. “Some oaky-ness, right?” “Yeah. Wow, that was on point!” Erika says, clinking glasses with me as she peruses the wine list. “Oh wait, no, I was looking
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