Vinyls and mixtapes: a retrospective

The first time I saw a vinyl record, I didn’t know what I was looking at. It was wide and glossy and black, and I ran my fingers along the grooves. The paper label in the middle said it was Eric Clapton’s song “Layla.” The needle came down like a
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Custom Screening: Two days in Thom’s bed

Regular readers of this column may be surprised at how often my bed features as a location of movie viewing. Whether it’s in Hollywood, New York or Berkeley, I have an irresistible attraction to the hollow pallor of the computer screen as I skirt the embrace of Morpheus. If it
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Life in the Matrix

When I applied to be a Daily Cal columnist, I figured I should pick a topic that was relevant to the student body and about which I could, you know, say a thing or two. So after a moment’s deliberation it was clear: write about the Internet. I’m a member
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