UC Board of Regents discuss budget, pension dispute Thursday

SAN FRANCISCO – The UC Board of Regents debated the potential benefits of Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed tax initiative and voted to clarify its stance on a controversial pension cap dispute on Thursday, the final day of the board’s three-day meeting. While UC President Mark Yudof has called on the
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UC Riverside students propose alternative UC student contribution plan

With declining state funding driving University of California tuition higher and higher in recent years, a group of students at UC Riverside is proposing an alternative student contribution plan that would allow students to pay for their education once they have a steady, post-graduation income. The plan, called the UC
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Future financiers

CAMPUS ISSUES: With UC alumni seemingly reluctant to give back, the question lingers ­— will current students one day donate?

With the state funding about 11 percent of the University of California’s budget, officials are turning to wealthy alumni. Campuses like UC Berkeley are investing in highly paid administrators to wine and dine those former Bears who maybe still bleed enough Blue and Gold to shed a little green for
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UC Board of Regents considers multi-year budget plan

Plan could take student tuition and fees over $22,000 by 2015

SAN FRANCISCO — The UC Board of Regents was polarized Thursday when it confronted a proposed multi-year budget plan, as board members simultaneously accepted the need for a long-term budget and fought the possibility of higher tuition and fees, which, if state funding stagnates, could top $22,000 under the plan.
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UC considers alternate strategies to handle budget reductions

SAN FRANCISCO — With the recently approved fee increases covering only a little more than a quarter of the budget deficit for the University of California, talk at the Thursday meeting of the UC Board of Regents focused on a wide range of alternatives for dealing with the remaining budget
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Initiative saves UC $157 million over past year

SAN FRANCISCO — Though student concern at the UC Board of Regents meeting Wednesday centered around ongoing increases in tuition and fees, administrative efficiency programs have saved the UC system over $157 million over the past year, according to results released at the meeting. The Working Smarter Initiative — launched
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