Graduate students may face added financial burden in debt ceiling deal

Derek Remsburg/Staff
Graduate student Charlie Eaton, financial secretary for UAW Local 2865, expressed displeasure at the imminent elimination of subsidies for Stafford loan interest.

Graduate student Megan Wachspress will begin her first year at Yale Law School next fall with a load of textbooks, materials and the added burden of increased interest payments for the federal student loans she has taken out to pay for her education. With the interest subsidy for the federally
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Bitter compromise

HIGHER EDUCATION: The preservation of the federally funded Pell Grant is welcomed, but the cost was high for graduate students.

There were no clear winners in the federal debt ceiling deal reached last Tuesday. Everything was on the table for cuts — including education. National legislators eliminated the interest subsidy for a government-subsidized loan program for graduate and professional students. But in a bittersweet compromise, the cut allowed the maximum
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Local representative opposes debt ceiling deal

Though the recently passed Budget Control Act of 2011 raises the nation’s debt ceiling and will reduce deficits by trillions of dollars over the next decade, Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, expressed her strong opposition to the last-minute deal on Monday. Lee, whose congressional district includes Berkeley, said in a statement
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Federal graduate loan subsidy eliminated in debt ceiling deal

Though undergraduate students who benefit from a federal grant program came out on top when President Barack Obama signed a last-minute deal to raise the national debt ceiling Tuesday afternoon, graduate and professional students throughout the country will start owing more on their loans. The debt ceiling deal preserves the
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National Debt Debate

Compromise to cut debt Brit Moller comments on the possible political strategy Republicans may be taking: “desperate times call for desperate measures.” But I still see great opportunities for reasonable compromise. Cutting government spending does not have to hurt our dear social security. Farm subsidies, for example, are in dire
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Debt-ceiling negotiations could impact Pell Grant aid

As a result of the ongoing debt-ceiling negotiations in Washington, D.C., federally funded Pell Grant aid packages — which many University of California students rely on — may undergo serious cuts or gain new avenues of funding in the latest proposals to reduce the federal deficit. Pell Grants — a
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