Berkeley-led consortium receives $25 million grant for nuclear research

Nuclear Science and Security Consortium/Courtesy
Nuclear Science and Security Consortium Fellows Mairead Montague, Eric Matthews, Adriana Sweet at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The National Nuclear Security Administration awarded a $25 million grant to the UC Berkeley-led Nuclear Science and Security Consortium to advance the next generation of nuclear science and security for the next five years.
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Helicopter measures radiation levels in Bay Area

Berkeley residents will have to endure the sound of helicopters through Saturday, as a low flying helicopter makes daily flights around the bay area to measure naturally-occurring background radiation levels. According to a press release by the National Nuclear Security Administration, the flyovers are part of a joint research project
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UC Berkeley to take lead of nuclear consortium

The National Nuclear Security Administration announced June 9 that it has chosen UC Berkeley to lead a multi-institution consortium that will work to further nuclear nonproliferation and safety in nuclear technology. The new National Science and Security Consortium will continue technical research being done in nuclear technology and will work
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