Letters: July 29 – Aug. 5

I was deeply disturbed by the admission to undergraduate status of Khairi Fortt, a Penn State football player, only a few days before the new term opens. From all indications, he was “admitted” by the Athletic Department, without application or the critical vetting that thousands of other would-be undergraduates went through nearly a year ago.
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Cal athletic teams show ambiguous academic progress

The Cal football team ranks 11th in the Pac-12 in the NCAA’s most recent Academic Progress Report (APR), released Wednesday for a four-year period ending with the 2010-11 academic year. With a score of 936, the Cal football team’s APR score falls beneath the Division I football average of 948.
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Raising a red flag

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Graduation Success Rate of Cal’s football and basketball teams are entirely unacceptable for a university of our caliber.

UC Berkeley has a distinguished tradition of athletic prowess that includes 84 team national championships. Past, present and future students all revel in wins and wallow in losses — but all take pride in knowing that these student-athletes represent our great institution. But there is a reason why “student” comes
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Cal football graduation rate falls to 54 percent

The graduation success rate of Cal football players over a four-year period has dropped 11 points to 54 percent, the second-lowest rate in the Pac-12, according to figures from the NCAA 2011 Graduation Success Rate Report. The figure ranks Cal 111th among 120 Football Bowl Subdivision schools. Only Arizona, at
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Athletic academics

HIGHER EDUCATION: NCAA academic regulations must strike a balance between individual accountability and team responsibility.

The term “student-athlete” implies dual responsibilities: the individual is committed to both education and athletic prowess. At the university level, it is imperative that the former not be sacrificed for the latter. According to NCAA figures, UC Berkeley had an impressive 81 percent graduation success rate for student-athletes as of
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