Building character

Pressing Restart

Going through the hormonal war that was puberty, I wanted to be somewhere, and someone, far, far away. Through games, I could do just that.
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The life cycle of my edgy alter ego

It was cool at the time

I once secretly courted two lovers at the same time. Donning a light pink pea coat, I would meet the charming, stylish blonde in the coffee shop. We’d chat about snowball fights or the local dojo, and then I would excuse myself. I’d switch into a letterman jacket and hustle
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Websites that are less ratchet than CalCentral

Oh, CalCentral. Where do we begin? With class registration looming upon us, we at the Clog thought we might reflect on the university’s most ratchet website to date. We know, you’re already aware that it looks like a third grader made it. Its interface is hardly user-friendly, and it’s just
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