Photo of New Years Eve at Times Square

An homage to the abandoned New Year’s resolution

My 14-year-old dog rolls onto her back, stomach turned upright, her gaze expectant, waiting. She knows the belly rub will come, as it did the night before, as it will the night after.  I sigh, for who am I to deny her the simple pleasures of such a simple life,
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Resolutions for 1

Off the Beat

As Jan. 1 encroaches every year, for as long as I can remember, I’ve anticipated the promise of renewal and betterment encompassing what we call the New Year.
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Procrastination pastimes

Procrastination affects even the best and brightest of us here at UC Berkeley. So, why not have some fun while doing it? Thus, we at the Clog have supplied a list of our favorite procrastination pastimes. Enjoy. Take Buzzfeed quizzes There’s no greater waste of time nor any better way
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Daily Clog resolutions

Happy new year, UC Berkeley! It’s finally 2017, which means fresh starts for everyone. While we may not be pledging to actually go to the RSF or attend our morning classes, we at the Clog hope that our goals inspire you to stick with your own.
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New Year, new Golden Bears?

Twelve grapes and champagne? Twelve wishes and some booze to ensure that if you don’t achieve them, you can take Jamie Foxx’s advice and blame it on the alcohol? We at the Clog know that all of you hopeful readers, too engaged in the common practice of drafting New Year’s
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