photo of the Los Angeles skyline with mountains in the background

What the city you want to live in says about you

Every city has its own distinct feel and personality, just like us. Our career goals, weather preferences, as well as choices regarding transportation and food all play into the decision to move to a certain city. Here is a detailed explanation of what the city you want to live in says about you. 
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Photo of a rack of jeans

Layering and abstraction: The year in fashion

In 2021, more futuristic looks such as asymmetrical shapes, sheer materials and neutral color palettes came into view. Fashion forecaster Agustina Panzoni coined the term “subversive basics” to describe this new style, which points to a larger trend toward rebellious absurdism and abstraction in clothing.
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Photo of Annie Lin

Finding my place

My first year at UC Berkeley, although virtual and 2,905 miles away from home, has been an experience that might not be unique — but it’s certainly been enlightening.
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