My love affair with New York City

It’s difficult to pinpoint what I love so much about New York City. It could be the aura of sophistication the city possesses, the immensely tall skyscrapers, the fast-paced lifestyle or the endless choices of dessert options. New York City is a destination I can only visit a few times
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Comfort in Isolation

Living in a new city means having to learn to embrace loneliness. And living in New York City means having to embrace loneliness in a sea of people.
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Quiz: Where should you travel next?

We know that summer break for you hard-working Bears can mean summer classes, an internship, a job or maybe just going home and doing nothing. But if you need a break (or a break from a break), come take our quiz and find out where you should head to next.
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A musical day in a rainy Big Apple

It had been a while since I visited New York City. The last time I came to this bustling city was exactly a year ago, when I was still a student from the East Coast and a year’s absence from New York was pretty rare in my life. I was not as
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The day Banksy became a real artist

Urban Animal

A goal of, the official website for world-famous British graffiti artist Banksy’s one-month residency in New York, may be to get the public to realize that a city itself is a beautiful place of expression. Like cities, however, many works of art are brutally zoned and regulated — and
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Lessons learned from ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Not many 30-minute television shows have enough momentum going to generate a serious fan base. Sure, you have your die-hard “Friends” and “Seinfeld” fans, but the majority of half-hour sitcoms end up fading out of production quietly after a few years, barely missed. The CBS hit “How I Met Your
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Sex on Blogday

While most kids my age choose to go to Cabo San Lucas or Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, I chose to go to the Big Apple for spring break a couple weeks ago. Being the museum addict that I am, I of course made sure to take a trip to the
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Of Time and the City

In the wake of the September 11 attacks, New York City filmmakers Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee crafted vivid tributes to a wounded metropolis.

Fifteen months after the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, New York City was reborn in glorious fashion on celluloid. It took a pair of feature films from two of the city’s most influential filmmakers to do it. The first, Queens native Martin Scorsese’s “Gangs of
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Remembering Sept. 11

Next Sunday will mark 10 years since Sept. 11, 2001 — 10 years since the attacks in New York and at the Pentagon took the lives of 3,000 Americans and altered our culture, our policies and our perspectives. The Daily Californian will be running special features in print and online,
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