Down and Out: Exploring Cal football’s injury problems

“I’ve never seen anything like it.” Following the Washington State loss two weeks ago, that was the only way head coach Sonny Dykes could sum up the barrage of injuries that bombards his team — and especially the defense — every week. Defensive coordinator Andy Buh calls it a merry-go-round
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Love it or leave it: Khairi Fortt’s work ethic

Sometimes, it seems like Khairi Fortt was put on Earth to play football. “He’s a freak of an athlete,” says teammate and roommate Nick Forbes. “You look at him, and you go, ‘Wow,’” says head coach Sonny Dykes. “That’s what a linebacker is supposed to look like.” “He possesses an
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New sheriff in town: Sonny Dykes’ vision for Cal football

Five months into the job, Sonny Dykes envisions his program to go beyond winning football games. He wants to redefine what Cal football means to the Berkeley community.

Sonny Dykes has two young daughters at home, but when he arrives at work every day, he transforms into a surrogate parent of nearly 100 men. Before and after practice, he mingles with his players, cracking light-hearted jokes and dispensing life advice to his players. From the upper stands of
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