VMAs descend into mediocrity

The MTV Video Music Awards have never been about subtlety. Since its inception in the 1980s, the MTV’s trademark summer entertainment has been notorious for throwing prestige to the sidelines and letting spectacle takes the stage. The show has cultivated numerous iconic and scandalous pop culture moments, from Britney Spears’
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Food for thought: ass

Sex on Tuesday

After fastening an imaginary bib around my neck and equipping my trusty fork and knife within both tightly clenched hands, I was ready to dive face-first into the delicious man sprawled out before me. This tasty meal subtly slid into my DM’s by means of a “deep” Tinder convo, a
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Leopard-print speedos in the library

Lost in Confusion

I get offended whenever someone tells me they went to the library to “do homework” or “study” or do homework and study at the same time because they are library magicians sent down from Narnia or some shiz. It feels like a personal attack on me and my strict “No
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Tunesday: Galentine’s Day festivities

February has the best holiday of the year. Hint: It’s not Valentine’s Day. Nope! Ladies, get ready for Feb. 13, or Galentine’s Day, a day in which you celebrate female friendships and solidarity the Leslie Knope way — with great food, no men and plenty of positive affirmations to go
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