More than one caress

Fake Out

In my freshman year of high school, Esperanza Spalding beat out Justin Bieber at the Grammys for Best New Artist. “Never Say Never”-era Bieber fans were suffering, and many edited their grief into Spalding’s Wikipedia page in revenge that very night. As an avid anti-Bieber white boy, this pleased me
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Right there with you: Outside Lands 2016

San Francisco's biggest music festival hosts its 8th year

San Francisco’s rapid changes are well-documented. As rents rise and tech booms, the city is changing alongside its inhabitants, and the cultural and civic landscape once the dust settles is uncertain. Until then, the music will keep playing, like this past weekend at San Francisco’s biggest music festival, Outside Lands.
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Tunesday: Shower with Frank, Nina, Bobby and Amy

Midterm season and California’s drought may seem like valid reasons to skimp out on showers. But when the stream of tests finally ends and you start to attract flies, we have the perfect playlist for you. Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra Ol’ Frank is a suave gentleman
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