How Pokémon Go derailed a franchise

It seems that Pokémon Go came in a tempestuous flurry of mixed media hype and snuck away quietly away in the night, a forgotten smartphone icon that we will look at from time to time on our homepage and consider deleting. The summer’s hottest app took the world by storm,
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Nintendo fails to bring A-game in ‘Yoshi’s New Island’

Nintendo’s favorite green dinosaur lets gamers down in “Yoshi’s New Island,” though some may still love this simple and happy creature. In the game, Yoshi hurls eggs, swallows enemies and hums while kicking his cute red feet in midair. A popular misconception — there is not just one Yoshi, but
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Next generation of gaming unveiled at E3

New hardware unlocks exciting gameplay possibilities

“Next-gen” means a lot of different things to gamers — and nothing at all, probably, to the uninitiated. It literally refers to the new “generation” of gaming consoles, but it also means growth and expansion in an industry marred by “sequelitis” and negative stereotypes. Next-gen was the unofficial theme of
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