‘An affordable luxury’: Boichik Bagels, Bay Area businesses respond to criticisms from Oakland financial firm

chefs cooking bagels at Bowchick Bagels
Jocelyn Huang/Senior Staff
After a financial firm wrote that patrons of Berkeley business Boichik Bagels "deserve to be poor" for purchasing the shop’s $3 bagels, numerous local businesses spoke out to express their disagreement.

Emily Winston, founder of Berkeley’s Boichik Bagels, was shocked when she first saw the digital newsletter sent by Lula Financial, the email’s subject line stating that the business’s customers “deserve to be poor.”
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Finding friendship through 4 years at Cal

I first set foot at UC Berkeley the night before Cal Day in 2015. I had just been accepted a few weeks prior and I was on my senior weekend trip, where I would decide if UC Berkeley was going to be my home for the next four years. It
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Lub dub

Meatless Wednesdays

I’m at risk. I inherited this. I sure as heck didn’t ask for it. But then again, I don’t think anyone did — no one ever does. My dad didn’t. My mom didn’t. My uncle didn’t. My brother didn’t. My grandmother didn’t. It’s in your control to a certain extent,
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Berkeley renamed

Founded in 1868, UC Berkeley is the oldest UC school. With campus’s 150th birthday just two years away, some of the popular places in Berkeley have run their course. We here at the Clog thought it was time to say goodbye to the boring and outdated names of campus’s most renowned spots.
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