San Francisco: A Poem

Photo of the golden gate bridge
Lisi Ludwig/Senior Staff

At the Marina, I stand, face against the  Wind, which blows across the bay.   I look towards the rolling waves  That press against the ivory shore,  And it reminds me of home.    I turn, to face the doll houses  Each painted a different color.  Strung along the grid of
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SF day trip: a little taste of Italy

By now, you’ve probably roamed through the streets of Chinatown and sat by the water at Fisherman’s Wharf. But perhaps you have yet to wander into the adjacent North Beach. North Beach is San Francisco’s Little Italy. It has historically been home to many Italian-Americans and used to be an actual beach before the city’s borders were extended. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing spot to read a book while sipping some high-quality espresso or simply looking to grab a hot slice of pizza, North Beach should definitely be your go-to spot.
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The City for Beginners

A guide to San Francisco, the city across the bay

So you made it into Berkeley, and here you are, ready to begin a brand new chapter of your life in a place you may know nothing about. And my advice to you? Leave. Let me elaborate: there’s no reason to limit yourself to campus, no matter how much fun
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