‘Now is the time to engage’: Berkeley to redraw district boundaries

photo of the Berkeley city skyline
Antonio Martin/Staff
With the decennial district boundaries redrawing taking place, the Independent Redistricting Commission encourages community input from Berkeley residents before final district boundaries are drawn.

Berkeley residents will have the opportunity to participate in the City of Berkeley’s decennial redistricting process led by the Independent Redistricting Commission.
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Veteran protesters seek to rejuvenate movement

Protesters prepared for a protest at Mission Bay planned for the Regents meeting Thursday. The group set up a half dozen tents on Koret Quad that served as overnight shelter as well as a symbol of last year’s university occupations.
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Protests planned for Thursday hope to rekindle Occupy Cal spirit

Thursday, protesters will attempt to rekindle the spirit generated by the Occupy Cal movement on campus last fall with a new set of demonstrations. Set to coincide with the third day of the  UC Board of Regents  meeting and the day campus professor Robert Reich spoke to thousands on Sproul Plaza
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‘Restless Farewell’

CAMPUS ISSUES: Despite a rocky finish, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s leadership has seen UC Berkeley through a very trying era of its history.

Most students at UC Berkeley cannot remember a time when the campus was not continually shaken by budgetary concerns — when the cost of their education wasn’t constantly being launched to greater heights. Neither can Robert J. Birgeneau, who will be resigning his post as chancellor here in December. Though
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