Protests planned for Thursday hope to rekindle Occupy Cal spirit

Thursday, protesters will attempt to rekindle the spirit generated by the Occupy Cal movement on campus last fall with a new set of demonstrations. Set to coincide with the third day of the  UC Board of Regents  meeting and the day campus professor Robert Reich spoke to thousands on Sproul Plaza
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Looking back: a year after Occupy Cal first began

On behalf of 29 plaintiffs, BAMN has filed a $15 million lawsuit against UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, other administrators and police for excessive force, false arrest and violating the First Amendment on Nov. 9, 2011. We obtained thousands of pages of administrators’ internal emails through the Public Records Act
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BAMN files $15 million amended complaint for Nov. 9 protest

Members of BAMN announced Wednesday that they will seek $15 million in a lawsuit filed against UC Berkeley administrators and police for the use of force on demonstrators during the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal protest. In a press conference on Sproul Plaza Wednesday, organizers said they filed an amended complaint
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Additional Occupy Cal emails released

Public response to UC Berkeley administration's handling of Occupy Cal revealed

The Daily Californian has obtained more than 1,000 emails sent to Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and other UC Berkeley administrators in response to the campus’ handling of the November Occupy Cal protests. The emails, received by the Daily Cal from the campus’ Public Records Office on Tuesday, illustrate widespread dismay over
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Report reviewing UC protest policies released

A report reviewing and recommending changes to UC policies on protests was released Friday morning. After the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal protests and the UC Davis pepper-spraying incident, UC President Mark Yudof asked UC Berkeley School of Law Dean Christopher Edley and UC Vice President and General Counsel for Legal Affairs
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Charges without any juice

CAMPUS ISSUES: The charges for 11 of 13 arrested Occupy Cal protesters were dropped, leading us to wonder why they were charged at all

The ends don’t always justify the means. Eleven of the 13 protesters arrested for their involvement in the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal demonstration have had their criminal charges dropped in the last two weeks, 10 since this past Wednesday. The remaining two protesters are UC Berkeley professor Celeste Langan, who
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