Politically Occupied: a recap of the past year’s political events at UC Berkeley

A look back at a busy year of protests and activism on campus and beyond

Derek Remsburg/Staff
(Derek Remsburg/File)

For a university that has protesting in its DNA, tensions understandably flared over rising tuition costs, affirmative action and the Occupy Movement, as well as police presence on campus following a large protest in November 2011. While it’s impossible to predict the future, we can look back at events that
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It rained on our parade

Man Under Bridge

In a world without Robert Reich, where would we be? For starters, probably not out on Sproul that cold November night. Reich’s speech was critical in bringing thousands of students to the Occupy Cal protest last semester and was definitely an important moment for the movement to refund the UC.
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Some students choose not to protest on Day of Action

UC Berkeley sophomore Courtney Mullen sipped coffee as she pulled out her black notebook to study organic chemistry. She had just finished lunch and needed to prepare for class. Mullen did not immediately see the irony of being at the Free Speech Movement Cafe while more than 1,000 protesters gathered
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Video Series: Nov. 9 Day of Action ‘Occupy Cal’

These videos follow the Nov. 9 Day of Action starting with a series of teach-ins starting at 8 a.m., a rally at noon and a march to Bank of America. Protesters set up a series of tents in front of Sproul Hall and later in the afternoon, riot police marched
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