Begrudging acceptance

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The regents’ decision to increase fees on professional degree programs is better than another tuition hike on undergrads.

It comes with some level of dejection that we begrudgingly endorse the regents’ decision to increase fees on 50 of 57 professional degree programs. When it comes to UC tuition, the frame of discussion has shifted — no longer is the question if there will be increases but how much and when and to whom.
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Now is the season for change

HIGHER EDUCATION: With a likely 20.3 percent fee hike on the line, students must lead the effort to pass Gov. Brown’s November tax initiative.

Now is the time to take action. In an ideal world, everyone is able to go to college. As it stands, though, every time tuition rises, that window closes for some kid somewhere. The future is ours. If we neglect higher education, if we let it suffer, then we won’t stand a chance.
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