Express bus ride

Theoretical Titillation

I felt as though I was embarking a journey with complete strangers, like we shared something in common that was often overlooked in our rushed daily lives, which we conduct by creating walls of difference rather than bridges of community. For a moment, the anxiety of interacting with strangers was gone.
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NPR host, dancers delight at Zellerbach

“We know that you have no idea what you’re in for at all.” Show host Ira Glass acknowledged that combining dance and radio seems, and is, a bit ludicrous. As two separate media — one primarily based in audio and one primarily based in visuals — nothing inherently combines the
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Expert in FOUND novelties and novels shares findings

Davy Rothbart, the founder and editor of FOUND magazine, strolled onstage at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. The center is stately and bilingual, and the author was slightly incongruous in his engagement at this venue. He took the stage in a bright pink jersey. He carried a gold
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