A Transhuman Primer

Two Steps Forward

By the end of my lifetime, I want to be part machine. Transhumanism is the ideal of bettering the human condition by joining our bodies with our technology. We have been moving toward it since a proto-human in sub-Saharan Africa discovered that sharp rocks were better than fingernails for gutting
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Trees at Soda Hall are casualties of much larger fight

At 7 a.m. April 23, the day after Earth Day, UC Berkeley’s private contractors arrived at the redwood grove behind Soda Hall and removed all of the trees, despite repeated assurances from the administration that at least some of the trees would spared and one official’s claim that the trees
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Every step you take, Big Brother is watching

Loyal Opposition

With both the Washington Post and the Guardian winning the Pulitzer Prize for breaking the story on National Security Agency surveillance, I thought I’d have a go at winning one myself. By now, the fiery outrage most people feel over the fact that their government is spying on them has receded
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James Bond spies no more

Between Two Ponds

Bond, James Bond. He comes to my mind whenever espionage and eavesdropping are mentioned. He suavely prowls through the maelstrom of bullets and explosions with the same swagger with which he would walk through a crowded ballroom. What the recently released Snowden documents and foreign news outlets allege, however, is
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Spying on our friends and our enemies

The Political Circus

How much is too much? And when our government has already overstepped its authority, what can we do to rein it back in? Earlier this week, allegations that the NSA was wiretapping not only domestic calls but also the calls of international leaders surfaced. More specifically, it was revealed that
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