Easy-peasy breakfast solved

Time’s always tight in the mornings. We’ve got to put on clothes, shower, brush our teeth, comb our hair, maybe finish off that last bit of reading for sociology. More often than not, it’s just too easy to simply skip breakfast, despite it being “the most important meal.” Breakfast sets
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7 fitness apps to get you through midterms

The first round of midterms is upon us. Don’t let your fitness routine get sidelined. We’ve listed seven fitness-, nutrition- and wellness-related apps and websites to help boost your motivation and allow you to fit in a quick and purposeful workout. 1. Popsugar Fitness Don’t have time for the gym?
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Pick something healthy to snack on

Looking at vending machine options that are actually good for you

As a child, my favorite drink in the whole world was orange soda. The color, taste, and sensation of carbonated bubbles rushing to my nose were all very appealing to my 8-year-old self. At the time, I didn’t consider how harmful it was to gulp down 160 calories and 44
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Gary Taubes explains the Nutrition Science Initiative

Health journalist Gary Taubes discusses the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI), which he co-founded with Peter Attia, M.D. Taubes says some of the research on nutrition is ambiguous, and that NuSI will determine what is still an open question and help organize new experiments.