BART offers free rides from Oakland COVID-19 vaccination site

Image of BART station
Sunny Shen/File
According to a BART press release, anyone who is vaccinated at the Oakland Coliseum vaccination site can receive a free BART ticket if they present their vaccination card with the corresponding date. The vaccination site itself is accessible to communities within the Oakland area that have the highest numbers of COVID-19 cases.

BART is offering free rides home to users of Oakland Coliseum’s mass COVID-19 vaccination site, which opened Tuesday and is accessible from the Coliseum BART station.
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Brett Lawrie: enigma

“We’re not selling jeans here.” Five fateful words in Michael Lewis’ “Moneyball” have encapsulated Billy Beane’s managerial philosophy of the Oakland Athletics for over a decade. No matter how fat you were, old you were, funny you threw or how many strip clubs you were spotted at, if you could
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Dying in slow motion

The dissolution of the Kevin Durant – Russell Westbrook Thunder has caused visceral reactions all over the league, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Fans hate when great players leave their first team, and they hate it even more when those players join a team that looks like
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From Cal to the Coliseum

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Trade, Billy! Trade!

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Baseball imitates art

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