Barriers placed on Grizzly Peak Boulevard turnouts to reduce fire hazard

Berkeley Hills
Isabella Ko/File
According to Oakland Fire Department spokesperson Michael Hunt, the turnouts on Grizzly Peak Boulevard, which is located in both Berkeley and Oakland, have been extremely overcrowded. The overcrowding has posed challenges for emergency vehicles attempting respond to potential incidents efficiently.

Turnouts on Grizzly Peak Boulevard have been blocked off to reduce fire risk in response to several incidents of people setting off fireworks in the area.
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‘Extra, extra’: Bay Area newspapers are suffering and need residents’ help

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: As more and more hedge funds are purchasing newspapers to make a quick buck, it’s on the community to help save local journalism

When faceless hedge funds take over local newspapers and impose drastic staffing cuts, employed reporters aren’t the only ones who suffer — the community does too. Without more active financial support for local publications, residents will be forced to see the quality of their news coverage decrease significantly.
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