‘We miss you, too’: Local librarians reflect on COVID-19 pandemic

Image of librarian
Eliana Marcu /Staff
Public librarians in Berkeley and Oakland have had to make various adjustments in order to maintain operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One way in which some staff have been able to engage the community has been through virtual programming such as cooking classes and financial planning.

Crazy. Bewildering. Momentous. A “time of great confusion.” These are the words that come to mind for Berkeley and Oakland public librarians when thinking about March 2020, the month that changed their jobs.
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Oakland Book Festival celebrates literature, learning

On Sunday morning, a loose assembly gravitated toward Oakland City Hall’s hushed hearing rooms. The humming crowd gathered in lines that curled, snakelike, around corners in anticipation of the city’s first public book festival. For one day, Frank Ogawa Plaza became an agora for book lovers, literati and beginning readers
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