Who should define civility?

CAMPUS ISSUES: Chancellor Nicholas Dirks' email, in which he calls for civility as a precondition of free speech, fails to properly define civility.

The naturally ambiguous definition of “civility” has sparked intense discourse on the UC Berkeley campus after Chancellor Nicholas Dirks sent an email Sept. 5 entitled “Civility and Free Speech.”
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On civility and divisions

We don’t want “free speech” that is condoned by the administration. Let us explain. Chancellor Nicholas Dirks is tasked with defending and bettering the institution of UC Berkeley.
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Forced to forge a new path

Most people don’t know that when I arrived at UC Berkeley, frizzy-haired and bright-eyed, I wanted to be a sports broadcaster. I didn’t want to be the first female president, an organizer, an advocate, a political news junkie or an actress — I wanted to be a sports broadcaster. I
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A poet in motion

It was like any other poetry reading — Robert Hass had attended hundreds at this point. But after he finished reciting poems from a recent book, someone from the audience approached him and pointed out to the Pulitzer Prize winner something that had never crossed his mind. All the poems
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Again, campus falls short

CAMPUS ISSUES: The campus’s failures responding to the Sept. 30 explosion, detailed in a recent report, suggest a recurring problem.

A report released earlier this month evaluating the campus’s response to the Sept. 30 explosion confirmed what many affected might have already suspected: UC Berkeley administrators’ shortcomings, which unnecessarily protracted the amount of time students were left trapped, panicked or confused, resulted from communication failure. By now, administrators’ communication breakdowns have
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Keep administrators on the hook

CAMPUS ISSUES: By ruling against UC Berkeley administrators' request to be dismissed from Occupy Cal-related lawsuit, judge ensures accountability and transparency.

U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rodgers made the correct decision Jan. 17 when she ruled against dismissing UC Berkeley administrators from a lawsuit related to their role in the police response to the Nov. 9, 2011 Occupy Cal protest.
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