Protesters will begin march from UC Berkeley to Sacramento this week

Brenna Alexander/File
Protesters sit outside Wheeler Hall during the March 4, 2011, ledge sit. A march from Berkeley to Sacramento is planned to begin Thursday, as protesters continue demonstrations in support of public education.

Beginning March 1, protesters in support of Occupy Education California plan to embark on a “99 Mile March for Education and Social Justice” to the capitol building in Sacramento, after holding rallies at UC Berkeley. About 25 people — many of them students — met at an office on Allston
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Gov. Brown requests review of police use of force guidelines

Spurred by graphic images from recent police uses of force at UC campuses, Gov. Jerry Brown has requested that state police officers review their policies for using force and make changes to their guidelines accordingly. In a Monday letter to the state Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training, Brown wrote
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State legislature to hold hearings on police use of force on UC campuses

The state legislature will hold hearings next month on the police use of force during protests on University of California campuses over the past two weeks. The hearings, requested by state Assemblymember and Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee Marty Block, D-San Diego, were approved by Assembly Speaker John
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Educating the enforcers

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The recent incidents of excessive force by police on two campuses should be a wake up call for officers and campus administrators.

The University of California has been receiving negative attention in the media recently, and this time it’s not for tuition hikes. Police officers at UC Davis on Friday pepper-sprayed docile student protesters directly in their faces while they sat on the ground linking arms. Videos of the incident have since
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UC Davis police chief placed on administrative leave

UC Davis Chief of Police Annette Spicuzza was placed on administrative leave Sunday as a review of police use of pepper spray against student protesters Friday is conducted, the campus announced Monday. The announcement followed UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi’s request Sunday that the Yolo County District Attorney’s office and
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