Occupying for a better Berkeley campus

Urban Animal

Hours after the noontime rally, the police arrived on Sproul Plaza in riot gear. Riot gear, I thought. Were they kidding? The police told us — a few hundred students — to leave. We linked arms around the tent. This was the moment I became an Occupier. They jabbed clubs
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Governor, students need your leadership

Editor’s Note: This op-ed was previously published in the California Aggie. Here at the University of California, students are living in interesting times. After nearly a billion dollars in state funding cuts and a doubling of tuition in just five years, 2013 looks to deliver at least a moment of
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Community gardens can improve humanity’s well-being

Does the Occupy movement stand for something positive or something negative? It depends on the purpose and actions of those who are participating. Spring is an image of bringing new things to life. The Arab Spring has been planting seeds of democracy. Community gardens plant seeds of life. In most
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