City of Berkeley could move funds out of Wells Fargo

Distrust of big banks became a common theme of the Occupy movement and inspired thousands across the nation to move their money to smaller credit unions. Now, the city of Berkeley may follow suit. At its Tuesday meeting, the Berkeley City Council will consider a proposal to move Berkeley’s assets
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City issues notice about illegal activities at Occupy Berkeley

The Occupy Berkeley camp at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park was issued a notice by the Berkeley city manager’s office Wednesday, saying that the city will take action if the “illegal activities and safety violations” in the park continue. Toward the end of last month, the number of
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Cornel West, Carl Dix speak at UC Berkeley about social change

Thousands of UC Berkeley students, faculty, occupy protesters and residents from around the Bay Area lined up Friday night to view a dialogue between Carl Dix, a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, and Cornel West, a politically progressive professor from Princeton University. The dialogue — which was
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Fighting the campus army

Given Insight

Oh Berkeley, you fickle mistress! I thought that I had seen every side of you, my dear. We’ve endured so much together over the past three years — a social security scam, an endless array of protests, several building occupations and even a riot. By now, I figured that I’d
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Educating the enforcers

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The recent incidents of excessive force by police on two campuses should be a wake up call for officers and campus administrators.

The University of California has been receiving negative attention in the media recently, and this time it’s not for tuition hikes. Police officers at UC Davis on Friday pepper-sprayed docile student protesters directly in their faces while they sat on the ground linking arms. Videos of the incident have since
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