Looking for the Beats and finding slam poetry

It started with Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s 100th birthday and book release last March. I arrived at City Lights bookstore half an hour early for the release event for his new novel, “Little Boy,” and was confronted by a sea of backs — too many people to comfortably lean forward, much less
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Local Limelight: The Coup

You know what you need? More politically-charged hip-hop, that’s what. But seriously, if  you are a fan of hip-hop that surges with “power to the people” thoughts and protest anthems, look no further than Oakland’s the Coup. The group is fronted by Boots Riley, the smooth talking emcee who is
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A walk down Telegraph

A stroll through Telegraph Avenue’s influence on the campus community

Take a walk through the iconic green arches of Sather Gate will find yourself at the historical starting point of one of the most defining passageways of the city of Berkeley: Telegraph Avenue. Today, with campus expansion, the street begins at the intersection with Bancroft Way and stretches for 4.5
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