Charges dropped against most Occupy the Capitol protesters

Gracie Malley/Staff
A number of protesters were arrested in the Capitol building following their decision to stay and occupy the space.

Protesters received word from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office Thursday advising that charges filed against 73 of the 77 protesters arrested during the Occupy the Capitol protests on March 5 were dismissed. According to Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully, three protesters still have charges pending for resisting arrest
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A frozen force

HIGHER EDUCATION: The UC and CSU tuition freeze is great news for students and a result of legislators heeding to their advocacy and demonstration.

Sometimes progress and stagnation are one in the same. With a tuition freeze in California’s 2012-13 budget, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed last Wednesday, students in the UC and CSU systems will not face increasing education costs in the coming school year.
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