Updates, photos from Occupy Oakland’s march to UC Berkeley

Occupy Oakland protesters marched on Saturday evening toward the UC Berkeley campus, arriving around 10:30 p.m. They decided to head towards the International House on Piedmont Avenue, where an encampment has been set up and where an “Occupy the Truth” conference is being held this weekend. This march comes one
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Overcooked occupation

CAMPUS ISSUES: Occupy Cal is back with tents in front of Sproul Hall, but celebrating three months since Nov. 9, 2011, isn’t enough.

Although members of the Occupy movement acknowledge the lack of a uniform message, they nevertheless proved their ability to stand as one. Last semester, Occupy Cal reached its peak when public policy professor Robert Reich spoke to thousands on the evening of Nov. 15. In the time since that moment
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Weekly Recap: Jan. 30 – Feb. 3

Here is what is covered in the third “Weekly Recap”: -Last Friday, Josh Radnor (“Ted” from “How I Met Your Mother) came to Berkeley to talk about his new Sundance film, “Liberal Arts.” -On Tuesday, UC officials, Occupy Cal protestors, and members of the campus community met for a Town
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Educating the enforcers

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The recent incidents of excessive force by police on two campuses should be a wake up call for officers and campus administrators.

The University of California has been receiving negative attention in the media recently, and this time it’s not for tuition hikes. Police officers at UC Davis on Friday pepper-sprayed docile student protesters directly in their faces while they sat on the ground linking arms. Videos of the incident have since
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Deconstructing occupation

I’m a rhetoric major, which always seems to beg the same question from snickering science students: “What do you plan to do with that?” While I would like to think that Michel Foucault’s insights on power could help me in a job interview one day, I realize that most of
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Our campus is not a war zone

In person, Bob Birgeneau is an affable man — a textbook example of a gentle Canadian neighbor. Years ago, as MIT’s Dean of Science, he used to command universal adoration and respect. Sadly, today’s Chancellor Birgeneau appears largely divorced from the Dean Birgeneau that I once admired while a graduate
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