UC Berkeley community promotes support for domestic violence survivors

Photo of UC Berkeley campus
Hsi-Min Chan/Staff
Members of the campus community discuss the need to publicize resources for survivors of survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence, and stress the importance of education and intervention beyond October, which is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

In the ASUC Student Advocate’s Office, UC Berkeley senior Catie Haddad works to support survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence. 
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Illustration about SVSH

University of California must do more to support SVSH survivors

UC AFFAIRS: While limited in ways it can amend its SVSH policies due to federal law, there are steps the University of California and campus can and must take to remedy the reporting current process.

The university and campus are in many ways constrained by federal law, but this isn’t an excuse to do anything but make absolutely clear it will prioritize survivors. 
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