Alumni hope to represent Cal rugby at the Olympics

The Cal rugby team hopefully turned some heads this season and propelled rugby into the minds of fans who otherwise don’t see much of the sport. They made history by becoming the first team to win the national championship in 15s and 7s in the same year. This summer, several
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Weekender Picks

A selection for the week ahead

1. Sochi, Russia, is hilariously ill-equipped to host a massive international congregation. Read Drew Magary’s primer on how to properly hate on the crazy-pants Russian infrastructure and the TV event that will shortly take over your life. 2. Be the most cultured person at your Oscar party! Impress your friends
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5 summer gym routine reminders

Bam, it’s June. If you haven’t carried a water bottle and earphones while wearing sweatpants and exercising shoes at the same time, this probably means that your fitness thing isn’t working out so well. According to get-fit tradition, summer’s like Christmas. The idea is to work your buttocks off for
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Brutus Hamilton: an athlete and a gentleman

Brutus Hamilton was not Cal’s winningest coach, highest paid coach or even Cal’s manliest coach (that last award would clearly go to Jack Clark), but there’s a good reason that this past weekend Cal hosted a Brutus Hamilton Invitational Meet at Edwards Stadium. So let’s take a trip down memory
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Bear legends: Matt Biondi

Success often gets into athlete’s heads. It tends to confuse their priorities, to the point where they can’t enjoy the important things. They turn into egomaniacs with power and money, and they often misuse the gifts they’ve been given. Think Oscar Pistorius, Michael Phelps, Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong and a whole
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The fire inside: Pieter Lehrer’s determination

All his life, Cal men’s soccer coach Pieter Lehrer has been setting up and knocking down goals like dominoes. His journey to Berkeley was no different.

The road to the Olympics started with a question. It was May of 1994, and brothers Pieter and Jacob Lehrer lived across the street from one another in Santa Rosa, Calif. They did everything together as children and adulthood didn’t bring a change. The brothers ran a maintenance company together.
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Campus thrives on global scale

Budget cuts to university, campus may compromise success if tax initiative fails to pass

Walking about campus this week, I am buoyed by the energy and vitality of our students as they flood back onto campus, filled with the excitement of studying at one of the world’s great universities. We are starting the new term basking in the glow of UC Berkeley’s all-round excellence,
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