Chumming the water

Miss Communication

At 10 p.m., sitting in one of four mustard-yellow lounge chairs in my living room, I open Grindr. A little green circle pops up at the bottom corner of my profile, indicating that I am online. I had released the bait, chummed the waters, so to speak, and patiently waited
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Do you believe in love at first swipe?

Sex on Tuesday

When I came back to my co-op last summer, I found a house enthralled with OkCupid and the likes of “fingerboy69,” a friend’s facetious handle. I couldn’t really understand the appeal as I’ve never particularly enjoyed putzing around with random strangers; The Chatroulette craze a few years back had left
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SEX ON TUESDAY: Love in the time of Facebook

Dating has always been exhausting and nerve-wracking. The thwarting feat has been recorded in literature for centuries and agonizing heartaches have been melodized in cathartic tunes and many sorrowful nocturnes. Unrequited love, the turmoils of lust and the basic foils of romance are eternally resonant. The difference is that in
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Tips for Writing Your Dating Profile

If you decide to go online and open up the dating buffet, creating an account is just step one. Creating a good profile is the difference between getting good matches and getting: “Why are you even talking to me?” Admittedly, writing can be hard, but a little time to craft
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All you can date buffet

Sex on Monday

Online dating is hands down the easiest way to meet other people who are single and interested. It is also the way of meeting people you are most likely to want lie to your friends about. While online dating may be easier, it doesn’t lend the most romantic answer to
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