Why Oprah should be UC Berkeley’s Inspo

Ah. Ha. Aha. That’s the one. The moment we’ve all strive to have, the moment Oprah Winfrey so kindly coined for us. For us college students, many of us fondly remember coming home from elementary school and watching Oprah with our moms. Though Ellen Degeneres never fails to make us
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Battle of the meal points

The semester is nearing its final weeks. Tensions are high with finals closing in. And of course meal points are also dwindling down. Cue the Ancient Roman battle music: The fight for food has begun. Every semester, the last few weeks of school go hand in hand with the treacherous struggle
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Don’t pity this column

Michelle's mish-mosh

Following a routine screening last summer, my dad learned that he had cancer. In the months that followed, amid doctors’ appointments and surgery and hushed phone calls and microwavable dinners, I diligently avoided partying — that is, pity partying.
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