UC Berkeley researchers study nonpartisan Vietnamese Americans’ beliefs

Photo of a intersection
DHN/Creative Commons
Photo by DHN under CC-BY-SA-3.0-US Many different beliefs of nonpartisan Vietnamese residents of Orange County were analyzed in a study by UC Berkeley's Othering and Belonging Institute and VietRISE.

A study done by the Othering and Belonging Institute, or OBI, and VietRISE revealed prevailing beliefs among nonpartisan Vietnamese residents in Orange County on topics related to generational cohesion, economic inequality and the role of the United States government.
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9 months of Berkeley in full, living color

You too will be changed if you come to Cal, not by the resume you build or the grades you get — but only by the defiant act of living and doing so unabashedly, committed to the knowledge that every valuable lesson this school can offer exists outside the confines of a classroom.
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Between China and America

The Half of It

My multicultural upbringing is a source of pride and joy, not a stranger’s tangled yarn to cut up and reorganize. So when you ask me where I’m from, challenge your monocultural norms first.
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