Three Cal students in a room with LGBTQ+ flags on the walls

UC Berkeley needs to fund, support mentorship for LGTBQ+ students

When both queer and trans adults and adolescents struggle to stay afloat, it’s time to deploy life-saving tools and tactics. Proactive mentorship should always be the first line of defense. UC Berkeley administrators must learn to prioritize mentorship programs for queer and trans students on campus before the tidal wave of queer and trans oppression takes us under.
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All art is quite useful

Work in Progress

When I think about the timeline of my writing career, I draw blanks instead of all the memories that should have cemented in my mind the fact that I am a writer. And yet, I still don’t feel like a writer. But I’m always writing. I’m writing right now.
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A Shakespeare by any other name

Now and Again

Now, one may think that an 11-year-old does not have the mental capacity or follow-through to create a well-thought-out play, and one would be absolutely correct.
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James in the twilight

Off the Beat

What frightened me as a child was the NC-17 category by the MPAA. It was terrifying in the same way as Henry James: Its nefarious nature was guaranteed by its opacity. It wasn’t simply frightening, violent or sexual, like an R-rated film; it was…complicated and elusive. At the time, I
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Lost in translation

Worlds Collide

Oscar Wilde once said, “The Americans are identical to the British in all respects except, of course, language.” Until recently, I would have committed the brave act of declaring that Wilde was wrong. Speech is the main thing I thought would work to my advantage when I decided to study
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