The UC Board of Regents’ proposed nonresident tuition hike undermines equity goals

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Nonresidents diversify the university community, and raising their tuition even more would merely exacerbate their financial struggles

Worried students at Sproul Plaza looking up at cloud that reads "Tuition Hikes"
Emily Bi/Staff

This Wednesday, the regents will consider implementing both an increase in tuition for nonresident students and a cap on their enrollment. Although the UC system is a public university that should primarily serve local students, Wednesday’s proposals would not only harm existing students but would also completely contradict the university’s mission statement of promoting educational equity.
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International students at UC Berkeley: A hidden struggle

Like many other students around the world, I dreamed of studying at one of the world’s most prestigious and renowned universities — UC Berkeley. When students see the enormous financial burden their families will carry for four years, that dream quickly turns into thin air. With living and university expenses
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Admissions data reflect a dearth of resources

CAMPUS ISSUES: The campus's increasing reliance on nonresident students to fill its coffers is excusable in the context of state disinvestment from higher education

Admissions data for the 2014-15 school year demonstrate UC campuses’ plan to rely more heavily on higher-paying international and out-of-state students to make up for insufficient state funding. The move is understandable and tolerable, as long as UC campuses continue to prioritize serving California residents. With a 17.3 percent acceptance
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Not on the money

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: A proposed constitutional amendment that would cap out-of-state enrollment at 10 percent for each UC school is a bad idea.

Rarely has the expression “put your money where your mouth is” been more appropriate. On May 15, California state Senator Michael Rubio introduced Senate Constitutional Amendment 22, which would implement a 10 percent limit on out-of-state student enrollment at each of the 10 University of California campuses. If passed, the
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Birgeneau condemns new legislation limiting out-of-state enrollment

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau has requested that a proposed piece of state legislation that could cap out-of-state student enrollment at UC campuses be withdrawn from consideration by the state Senate. Birgeneau asked that Sen. Michael Rubio, D-Shafter, withdraw his proposed constitutional amendment — which would establish a 10 percent cap on out-of-state enrollment
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Who said privatization was bad?

Given Insight

If you don’t live under a rock — that is to say, if you don’t have classes exclusively in Evans Hall — then you’ve probably been following our campus’s perennial protests against tuition hikes. For years, demonstrators have rallied on Sproul Plaza, occupied buildings, vandalized landmarks and disrupted regents meetings in the name
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In loyal company

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The University of California’s changing character, as reflected in admission statistics, reveals the realities it must overcome.

It’s called the University of California for a reason. From the time when Berkeley was the university’s only campus to today’s 10-school system, the UC has exemplified California’s innovative spirit and thrust many of the state’s young leaders to greatness. But the ever-present influx of students from outside California could
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Cal is my university, too

I chose to attend UC Berkeley primarily for its public mission. I respect its purpose above all others; It made for an easy decision to leave my Vermont home to study in California. But I have often felt, throughout my five semesters on campus, that this respect is not reciprocated.
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Enrollment data show increase in nonresident students on campus

A record number of students have accepted offers of admission to UC Berkeley’s incoming freshman class, including an increased number of  out-of-state and international students totalling 30 percent, according to data released by the UC Office of the President Thursday. Over the past three years, the number of California resident
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