Illustration of Obama, Mother Teresa, and oxford comma

The case against the Oxford comma

While the Oxford comma is technically grammatically correct, it is most often unnecessary and pointless. Thus, writers and editors should eliminate the comma unless it’s absolutely essential for comprehension.
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Essential knowledge

A popular Vampire Weekend song begins with a rather blunt question: “Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?” In the same vein, it’s been said that “nobody notices that stuff” — with “stuff” referring to punctuation, capitalization and other supposedly trivial matters. A certain former Daily Cal sports editor
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A comma dilemma

Joining The Daily Californian as a copy editor involved something between slight ethical qualms and a full-scale moral dilemma. You see, I knew from the second I submitted my application that if I were accepted, I’d be breaking one of the most integral parts of my personal code. Ladies and
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