Berkeley Police Review Commission revises controlled equipment reporting requirements

Photo of Berkeley PRC Meeting
Berkeley PRC/Courtesy
During its meeting, Berkeley Police Review Comission members discussed the difference between “visible” and “displayed” controlled equipment. The commission also elected a chair and vice chair for 2021, as well as two community members to serve in the outreach committee.

At its meeting Wednesday, the Berkeley Police Review Commission, or PRC, revised requirements for controlled equipment reports and elected outreach committee members and commission chairs.
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Do not mess with the doughnut (or donut?)

English is a language chock full of quirks that can make it extremely frustrating, or at least baffling, to deal with. One of these cases takes us to the bakery, to a cornerstone of American cuisine that has experienced a split over the centuries. I’m talking about the doughnut … or donut?
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Off the beat: Confessions of a humanities major

When I first told my family that I would be double majoring in rhetoric and French, I faced confused and baffled responses. My parents expected me to follow my childhood passion for mathematics while in college, but sometimes, things just don’t work out. Throughout my academic career, I have been
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