Mom’s rules for the internet

Miss Communication

It was a 20-minute drive from my childhood home in San Diego to my middle school one town over. Twenty minutes that my mom never failed to capitalize on. It was the time for her proverbial lectures on the dangers of the world. I was her captive audience, and our
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Oil spill in Santa Barbara affects university-owned natural reserve

As of June 6, 149 birds and 72 mammals were reported dead after a pipeline along the Santa Barbara coast burst May 19 and polluted miles of beaches and reserves with crude oil, including a natural reserve owned by the University of California, according to the most recent status report from the oil spill responders.
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Off the beat: Self-reflection and sojourns

There’s a stretch of highway reaching through the Santa Cruz mountains down to the coast that I find myself returning to each summer like clockwork. California Highway 9 winds through redwood forests and hugs steep drops into the San Lorenzo Valley, spanning a number of miles leading through tiny towns and campsites into downtown Santa Cruz and the vast expanse of the Pacific.
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