Read Rosemarie: Persevering with Grace

I met Grace Helbig in 2011. She was sitting on a raggedy couch, showing off the Reeboks her mom had bought her for her birthday. She decided that she was going to teach me how to tie my shoes, and she tugged at the laces in preparation for tying the
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Students share ideas at annual Engineers Week

Engineers Week, organized annually by the Engineering Student Council, brings together engineering students on campus for a week of events including guest talks, pet hugs and a carnival. Filmed and edited by Karen Lin Music by Karen Lin

The never-ending story

The New-Age Bard

But has it become too cliche to think of what unites us? Here we are, somewhere on the lifeline between birth and death. Where we are all subject to the whims of the same sky and plant our feet on the same earth. Where we fall in love and give birth and grow old and allow the cycle to begin again. Every story merely explores some question of what it means to be alive.
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G. Love jams for free at the Chapel

Few minimally publicized events can draw crowds on a Tuesday night, let alone crowds that wrap around the block hours before the doors even open. But free music from G. Love & Special Sauce, a band that has been around for decades, and an open bar have the ability to
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How to spend a somber day (or how to embrace the funk)

Sometimes we have those days that just aren’t like the others. It may be beautiful outside, and the sweet Berkeley summer air might still be mild, but for some reason, there’s something different about the way you feel. Perhaps today is a Monday. Perhaps your inspiration just isn’t on point
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App of the week: Tamber Shows

Name: Tamber Shows Price: Free Platform: iOS Mission: The best local concerts, carefully matched to you! Sometimes, an amazing interface is all you need to be successful as an app. In combining that with an streamlined procedure and intuitive design, Alexi Robbins has created quite a revolutionary app. Tamber takes
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The Art Genome Project

Books by the Kindle, movies by Netflix, music by Spotify: for better or worse, the technology revolution has changed how we consume our objects of culture. Only purchasing artwork remains virtually free of battery life, keyboards, and the World Wide Web. An upcoming project,, intends to transform a historically
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