The year where everything and nothing happens

A letter to myself on January 1, 2020. Dear 17-year-old high school senior, praying-your-SAT-score-is-good-enough Daniella,  Your SAT score will be good enough. Sort of. At this point, you will have submitted all of your college applications, and you’ll have no idea where you’ll end up. To be honest, I think
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Finding horror in revolution

Universally celebrated for their sharp, socio-political commentary, their stories all, to varying degrees, revolve around a moderately sympathetic lower class violently rising up against the elite.
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Illustration of Oscar Best Picture nominees

Quiz: Which Best Picture nominee are you?

In honor of the upcoming 92nd Academy Awards, we at the Clog are filled to the brim with anticipation regarding the ceremony. Who will become a meme? Who will renounce capitalism in their acceptance speech? Is Chancellor Carol Christ invited? But no question weighs on our mind more than that
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