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A call for authentic neurodiverse representation

Having neurotypical people represent neurodiverse roles feels belittling to me. It reduces something so complicated, so nuanced, so weird and beautiful, into a personality trait. Suggesting that autism is a definitive personality trait that anyone can portray, even if they aren’t autistic, isn’t authentic representation.
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Bidding farewell to NBC’s ‘Parenthood’

Dynamic writers. Impeccable music choices. Palpable and raw acting. Painfully relevant topics. These are all factors that guarantee a successful, highly-rated television show; they are also clear components of Jason Katims’ second major television series, “Parenthood.” Following major success from the critically-acclaimed “Friday Night Lights,” Jason Katims created a second
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Berkeley immortalized through numerous cultural showcases

If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, then it could be argued that the greatest service that could be rendered to a city is for it to be interpreted through art. Although most might be familiar with the ways in which neighboring metropolis San Francisco has been captured through such means, Berkeley has left its own admirable legacy across a wide spectrum of artistic mediums.
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